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Kodak Image Maker G4XE Kiosks

Get your share of the highly profitable, growing digital print market. A Kodak Kiosk will provide you with immediate profit potential which will also attract new customers and generate more traffic.

Manufacturer Refurbished Kodak G4 Kiosks

Kodak warranty
Free on site setup
Free on site training

Includes the latest software updates

Updraded to be compatible with the
Kodak Connect App for
iPhone and Android Smartphones

Promotions valid through 4/30/2015 unless otherwise specified


Kodak Refurbished 17" G4 Picture Kiosk W 1-6850 W/ 6 months Kodak warranty

Price: $3995.00
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Kodak Refurbished 24" G4XE Picture Kiosk W/Print Scanner, 6850 & 8810 printer W/ 6 months Kodak warranty

Price: $9950.00 Add to cart to see your price
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Refurbished 36" Print Stations with G4 Order Station, 2-6850 printers, 1-8800 printer, print scanner, magnetic card reader W/ 6 months Kodak warranty

Price: $9995.00
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Refurbished 36" Print Stations with G4 Order Station, 1-6850 printers, 1-8800 printer, print scanner, W/ 6 months Kodak warranty

Price: $8500.00
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KOM6-6R-New ( 1419597-1010867 ) [750/14.7]

141-9597 Kodak 6800/6850 6R Kit 750 of 4x6 or 375 of 5x7 or 6x8 (Replacing 1010867)

Price: $109.95
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KOM6-6R-Ribbon-New ( 1355809-1770593 )

135-5809 Kodak 6800 Ribbon Only. To support retailers who develop a mismatch between ribbon and receiver when printing 4x6 (Replacing 177-0593)

Price: $99.00
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KOM7-6R-Ribbon-New ( 1480292 )

148-0292 Kodak 7000-6R Ribbon Only. To support retailers who develop a mismatch between ribbon and receiver (1140-Count)

Price: $109.00
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KOM88-10 ( 1099787 ) [300/133]

109-9787 Kodak Photo Print Kit for 8800/8810, 8x10x300

Price: $399.00
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KOM88-10-Ribbon ( 8805251 )

880-5251 Kodak Photo Print Ribbon Only 8800S Made to order (3 weeks lead time)

Price: $555.00 Add to cart to see your price
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KOM88-12 ( 1277268 ) [250/168]

127-7268 Kodak Photo Print Kit 88XX, 8x12x250

Price: $420.00
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KOMCD ( 13637791876663 )

136-3779 187-6663 Kodak Picture CD (50 CD beehive & wallets)

Price: $71.25
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KOMDVD-Movie ( 18772998423600 )

1877299 Kodak Picture Movie DVD (25 ct pack w/ 25 slim jewel cases)

Price: $144.75
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KOMDVD-Picture ( 8318891 )

831-8891 Kodak Picture DVD (25 ct pack w/ 25 slim jewel cases)

Price: $89.00
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Get your share of the highly profitable, growing digital print market. A Kodak Kiosk will provide you with immediate profit potential which will also attract new customers and generate more traffic.

The Kodak Kiosk is a great investment

Why A Kodak Kiosk
º The Kodak name on a Kiosk is your guarantee of brand recognition and quality.
º Kodak’s award winning software is truly intuitive so that customers can serve themselves.
º Thanks to the credit card option little or no staff assistance is required.
º Kodak’s attractive price points make it an affordable investment.
º Kodak’s host of highly profitable products provide you with immediate return on your investment.

Kodak Kiosks offer much more than standard prints
Today's Kodak Kiosks are packed with a host of interesting products with very high profit margins, aimed at increasing profits. To increase sales, the Kodak Kiosk even promotes and up-sells these products, while the customer is placing their order.

Kodak Kiosks generate traffic
With Kodak being one of the most recognized brands in the world and the increasing demand for instant digital prints, it has been proven that a Kodak Kiosk will not just generate profits, it will generate traffic for other parts of your business as well.

Mini-lab connectivity
The Kodak G4 Kiosks have the capability to interface with mini-labs for order processing. This is a smart investment for any minilab owner.

Kodak Picture Maker Kiosk Features


(Available Exclusively from P.F.S.)

Automated Cash Payments
Now your customers can pay for their order at the kiosk with cash, through a bill acceptor. There is no need for any assistance from the store attendant making the Kodak Kiosk a true self service unit.

Amazing Kodak Quality
Kodak Kiosks deliver beautiful and durable prints in just seconds. Exclusive Kodak perfect touch technology ensures better, brighter pictures. Make prints with rich vibrant colors, sharp details and fewer dark shadows. See the difference that consumers really value!
KODAK Picture Movie DVD
Now your customers can add music and motion to life’s most cherished moments with the KODAK Picture Movie DVD. The user selects 40-60 digital pictures or prints, selects an original song from available top-name artists and let the KODAK Picture Kiosk do the rest like adding pan and zoom effects.
KODAK Picture CD & DVD
After printing their pictures, your customers can keep their pictures safe for generations to come by saving them on a KODAK Picture CD or DVD. Each CD/DVD includes KODAK EASYSHARE Software FREE

Photo Books
The Kodak Kiosk can create a custom book from 10 to 100 pictures with the customers choice of many available background designs in minutes.
Single-sided Photo Books available in 4x6, 5x7, 6x8 and 8x10. Double-sided Photo Books available in 8.5x11.

Kodak makes creating a collage fast and easy. The customers have the option to choose from preformatted Standard Collage Layouts Or use Auto Collage to shuffle and adjust the size of their photos, add their own background photo and personalize it with text.

The Kodak Kiosks offer many options and styles for creating custom calendars.
Single sided calenders can be created in a variety of sizes, and the annual format features one photo and the monthly format features a new photo every month.
Double-sided 8.5x11 calendars hold multiple photos per month, up to 109 for the year and are printed on easy-to-write-on paper

Greeting Cards
For birthdays, graduations or any occasion, the Kodak Kiosk enables your customers to create personalized Greeting Cards with their photo and text.
They can choose from many different stylish designs to create single-sided cards or traditional folded cards available in portrait and landscape layouts.

Invitations, Announcements &
Thank You Cards

With the Kodak Kiosk, your customers can design and print their own custom invitations, announcements and thank you cards, personalized with their photos and text.

Decorative borders are a great way to dress up photos with an array of fun, colorful borders, perfect for any occasion. Customers can choose from a variety of designs with different sizes and orientations to fit their favorite photos.

Copy To Copy Prints
Your customers can bring in their old pictures and easily make reprints and enlargements from them by using the Kiosks flatbed scanner for single prints or the rapid scanner for volumes of prints.
Print Packages & Enlargements
The Kodak Kiosk offers a broad array of print packages to select from. The customer can create their print package with a single photo, or a combination of a few photos. They can also enlarge photos to 4x5, 5x7 or 8x10.

Editing Features & Enhancements
The Kodak kiosk has a large selection of user friendly editing enhancement features like:
Zoom, Crop, Rotate, Red-Eye Reduction, Sepia Tone and Black & White prints. You can also personalize your pictures with your own messages.
Accepted Cards: Other Inputs:
- Multimedia (MMC) - Thumb Drive
- Secure Digital (SD) - CD, DVD
- Smart Media - Bluetooth
- Compact Flash - Prints (via Scanner)
- XD Picture Card  
- Memory Stick (Duo& Pro)  
Kodak Connect App NEW
Wirelessly transfer and print those fun, spontaneous everyday moments in store from your Smartphone to a KODAK Picture Kiosk. It's fun, fast and convenient.

Premium Modules

Social Network Connectivity Module
Imagine your customers never being without pictures to print. With Social Network Connectivity, they can connect to Facebook, Kodak Gallery and Picasa Web Albums to access and print any of their online pictures. What a great way for you to cash in on millions of online pictures and encourage impulse transactions.

Facial Retouch Module
Now customers can look their best with Facial Retouch. It automatically smoothes skin tones, removes or reduces facial blemishes and wrinkles…in seconds.

Video Snapshots Module
No need to take video and stills of the same event. With Video Snapshots, customers can easily pull still pictures from their digital videos to make prints, collages, calendars, cards and more. And the same great editing tools customers are used to are available for enhancing their pictures.
Pet Eye Retouch Module
This new easy-to-use editing tool will appeal to your pet lovers. It removes the flash glare from their pet’s eyes.

Double sided printing requires the Dl2100 Duplex printer. 8x10/12 printing requires a 88xx printer.
Creating Photo Books require a binding system. Print to print option requires the optional scanners.
Kodak Connect App requires WiFi upgrade kit.


Kodak G4 Kiosk Cabinet Specifications:

  Kodak G4 Kiosk 17" Kodak G4 Kiosk 24" Kodak G4 Kiosk 36"
68xx Printer
up to two one up to two
88xx Printer
Not inside the cabinet one inside the cabinet one inside the cabinet
Duplex Printer
Not inside the cabbinet Not inside the cabbinet Not inside the cabbinet
Not inside the cabbinet built-in space built-in space
(W x D x H)
17" x 28" x 59" 24" x 36" x 59" 36" x 36" x 59"


New Kodak Features